Tuesday, November 11, 2008

YouTube history

Watching Obama's acceptance speech - and especially the closeup of Jesse Jackson's tears - I thought it would be cool to have a recording. Don't have the liveTV TIVO on the Verizon FIOS that we used to have on Dish, but I suddenly remembered we are in the 21st century. The internet will record everything, forever. Then I thought, I bet someone has posted good youtube moments of the history we've seen growing up. Sure enough, I found lots, especially this compilation that covers all the Boomer history!

1944 D-Day
1945 Atomic Bomb on Nagasaki
1879-1955 Albert Einstein
1963 Martin Luther King - "I have a dream"
1963 Assassination John F. Kennedy
1969 Neil Armstrong - Moonlanding
1969 Woodstock - Jimmy Hendrix
1974 Nixon resigns after Watergate scandal
1959-1975 Vietnam War
1986 Nuclear disaster Chernobyl
1986 Maradona - "Hand of God"
1989 China - "Tank Man"
1989 Fall Berlin Wall
1990 Release Nelson Mandela from prison
1991 Operation Desert Storm
1993 Oslo Accords
1998 Lewinsky scandal
2001 9/11 Terrorist attacks
2003 Fall regime Saddam Hussein
2004 Mars Exploration Rover
2004 Madrid terrorist train bombings
2006 Zidane - "Headbutt"

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Kyle said...

That's really cool mom!