Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday Catch-up

Well it's 8:30 and so far I have talked to two of my brothers - Russell & Tim. They both assure me that they want to and will start contributing to the blog. Russell didn't know about it because I didn't have his correct email - I do now. Tim will be getting a new computer within the next week and will update his internet. He is behind the times as Blaine has been telling him - he thinks he bought his home computer before Blaine was born.

I for one am thrilled that UT lost - I really don't care who they are playing - I will even cheer for the Aggies over UT - until they quit messing around with my son and give him his due. He has given them more time, money, sweat, and tears than they deserve!! Look out Weird City of Austin if they give him any more trouble - Hurricane Carla Kay will descend and they won't know what hit them!!!
So who went trick-or-treating? Mark and I have a long standing tradition of going out for dinner and a movie on Halloween - since Kyle was old enough to do H. on his own. The best part of the movie (besides De Caprio of course) was seeing the birds eye view from the AWACS -spy satellite- yes they are real and I know how to spot them at night!! You can really see them on the island at my folks house!! It was a rough, bloody movie and I closed my eyes and covered my ears some. I get to choose the next movie.
Can't wait until everyone gets onboard here - I have faith that sooner or later all will - even Asher!!
Hugs to all. Kay

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