Monday, November 17, 2008

Mind numbing

A little background work is in order to tell this short story:
So my mom is a psychologist. Last January she changed offices. She had been at her previous office, which will be refereed to as Dr. B's office for something around 16 years. Her new office is amazing, it is closer, they collect all of her bills and she pays like half of the price. It is a shame however that she did not move sooner because, after the move she realized that her old office with Dr. B did not collect the money effectively, in fact, the accountant that she had look at her previous accounts said that it was the most disorganized crazy mess that she had ever witnessed. There are bills that were not collected from the first year that she was there, 16 years ago. All in all she estimates she lost btwn $100-$200 thousand dollars working there from uncollected bills.
Today my mom calls and says I am her new bill collector. I can only collect from 2007 or newer since insurance companies will not redeem anything after a year. I showered, put on jeans, and tennis shoes to learn how to be a bill collector at this really prestigious accounting office.

After 30 minutes of training, I was ready for the mindnumbing work of listening to a automated machine for hours of fun! I was hung up on at least 7 times, after it, the automated computer I was communicating with, decided that I wasn't pressing the appropriate buttons. After 3 hours, I nearly went crazy! Remind me never to become a bill collector!

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