Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving Baking

In my book, the holiday has begun. I have been up since 7 am this morning, baking. Those of you who share the early morning gene passed down from our father can appreciate that I felt as if I had slept in this morning. However, I have blissfully measured, mixed, baked, cooled and wrapped pumpkin bread, bananna bread, chocolate chip cookies and the final batch of oatmeal walnut raisin cookies is in the oven. To keep my ears happy I have sung along with my newest Christmas album, Christmas by Tonic Sol Fa. This acapella group is five guys who seem to be having a blast singing together. Actually, the last batch of coookies is cooling on the racks. Now to wait for the kitchen fairies to come clean the kitchen. (I do believe in fairies, I do believe in fairies..)Crystal, I am forever in your debt, parchment paper on the cookie sheets makes life easy. I feel like I'm cheating.

Today has been a typical Rogers production. Despite planning for today for most of a week I have had to make a return run to the grocery store and a trip to Walmart. The grocery store run was for cinnamon that I thought I had decided not to buy last night. Upon my return, I discovered I had thought better and bought the cinnamon. I now have enough cinnamon for the next two years. Anyone need cinnamon? The Walmart trip was made necessary when my mixer went haywire. Have you ever seen what happens when a mixer tosses a blade? I can tell you my mixer tossed the blade over my shoulder and tossed pumpkin bread batter onto every surface of my kitchen including the ceiling. How many baking projects require you to get the ladder out to clean off the ceiling?

With all the chaos, you might think I would be discouraged. Think again, I have had a great time and laughed, sung, and danced all morning. Hey, I'm methodist now, we're allowed. I can't wait to see you all and share the bounty.

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Chrissi said...

I am totally envious of your day! I'm sitting here at work, not really working, wishing I were at home actually being productive. The thought of having to bake after spending 8 hours at work does not put me in the most festive of moods. Only the thought of getting to Thursday and relaxing and visiting and eating is sustaining me at this point.