Thursday, November 13, 2008

Just so we are all clear on Thanksgiving plans:
Our decorations are going to be like this right?Who is going to bring the fresh flowers for the center piece :)

No, but seriously here is the list I have assembled for things people have stated (on the blog) that they are bringing.

Thanksgiving List
Mark, Kay- Turkey and cornbread dressing
Russel- mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and peach cobbler
Chrissi- apple pie, green bean casserole

We can bring an appetizer, and either a sweet potato dish or fruit salad. I don't know if anyone else has claimed other dishes off of the blog.

What else is missing?
there have to be other dishes we are forgetting....
Who is making this mandatory cake?
Can't wait!


Chrissi said...

Well, we definitely need more desserts...and fruit salad. How about corn or corn on the cob? Maybe a nice fresh salad too. Oh, and you can't forget the velveeta/rotel/hamburger cheese dip! That is a MUST. =) Hope I helped!

Vanessa Rogers said...

Those are all great suggestions!