Sunday, November 9, 2008

Our week

Our week
Wed- Kyle drove to San Marcos to take his test. We still don't know the score, but Kyle is pretty sure that he kicked butt and took numbers.

Thurs- Was a typical study day, wake up, Kyle studies, Vanessa writes and wastes time trying to become educated in the blogger sphere. Way too much to learn! In over my head.
Proof of Kyle studying (three years ago)

Friday- After studying, Kyle, the Fink-Rogers and I hang out with some mutual friends, Cory and Amber. The game is Cranium. We have three teams, Chrissi and me, Asher and Kyle and Amber, Cory and Calab. Chrissi and I are victorious but show mercy to our opponents. There was a particularly funny instance however that I would like to share with you. There is a new catergory in Cranium that is similar to sharades except that it involves making one player into a puppet and having the other team members guess from the actions of the puppet. Asher was the puppetier and Kyle the puppet. The word Kyle needed to guess was fly fishing.

Kyle: (Asher moving Kyles hands to seem like fishing) I'm winding something... opening a jack in the box.. mixing in a mixing bowl.. (Asher making a pole movement with Kyle's hands)... fishing!(Asher indicates that this is correct and changes motion, flapping Kyle's arms up and down) my arms are waving... I'm flying?(sounding like an innocent little boy) I'm flying!...(Asher once again moves back to the fishing motion), flying...FLY FISHING!

It was classic! So hilarious, we couldn't stop laughing, especially Calab.

Sat: Vanessa leaves Kyle at home to study and goes to Bourne to a market with her mom. I have award winning chili, strawberry lemonade and the devil itself, funnel cake!

Sun: Church with mom and aunt followed by Olive Garden and then Kyle and I drive to Cibalo Ranch and volunteer at the Wine and Food Festival as wine pourers. It is an event that costs $45 to attend, but we pay $5 for a wine glass and free tasting of wine and delicious food!! Yeah for an almost free dinner! Now Kyle is back to studying, he has a test Monday and Thursday! Should be another fun week!
Actually taken in Italy, but hey, it went with the post!

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