Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Wild Week

I want to add my thank you to Vanessa for coming up with the idea of a Rogers blog. Having just read the blog entries to date, I feel as if I am a least current with most of you.

Two events have dominated the last week. First, Last weekend Dalton turned six. We enjoyed a party at the Putt Putt funhouse! He got to decorate his own cake with candy! It does not seem possible that he could be six. Despite a difficult start to Kindergarten, Dalton now seems to be thriving. A teacher change seems to have transformed Dalton's attitude about school (and at least delayed onset of ulcers for his Dad).
The second major event of the week was the purchase of a new computer for my home. A week of researching and comparison shopping delivered a sweet new machine to my desktop. The funny thing about the new hardware is how much Blaine has been teaching me about the system. I have watched in amazement as we hooked up iTunes and downloaded music to the new computer. I was proud of the new CD playing in the car since I had figured out burning the music to CD all on my own. Watching Blaine has been the best fun of the new system. He can carry on 3 separate private chats, monitor the public chat, listen to music, eat dinner, and do homework simultaneously. Hypertasking is the word that best describes how he uses the machine. I think the machine should be smoking once he signs off.
As for Thanksgiving...I should be in on Wednesday before dinner with the boys. We are going to stay at Russell's house. I thought we would bring pumpkin bread, bannana bread, and chocalate chip cookies.
Has anyone thought of a general schedule for the weekend. Other things that I would like to include:
A trip to see the lights on the riverwalk
Playing a game of putt putt at Coolcrest
Maybe some shopping
Any other ideas?


Vanessa Rogers said...

We can play a family game of shirades or pictionary :)
Activities are always a great idea though!
And although I put the blog together, the credit goes to Kay because this was her idea. I didn't actually think anyone would use it. Thanks for proving me wrong though.

Chrissi said...

Happy Birthday to Dalton!! I can't believe he's 6 already!