Tuesday, November 4, 2008

update - Nov. 4

Well I have now talked to all of my brothers. Everyone is very interested in the blog - just didn't have a gmail account. All are getting them and promise to respond to the invite as soon as they get it. Thanksgiving plans are: Mark & Kay plan to go to SA on Monday, November 25. We will leave Friday, Nov. 28th for N. Padre. Everyone else will be coming at various times on Wed. 26th. Mark & Kay will be in charge of Turkey and dressing - looks like the vote is for bread dressing - sorry Crystal, and homemade rolls. Doug will do Holiday Potatoes (also known as "funeral potatoes"), Keith and Crystal will be in charge of fruit salad.
What would Russell, Chrissi & Asher, Tim, and Kyle and Vanessa like to contribute to Rogers dinner????
I did my civic duty - I voted!!!

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Vanessa Rogers said...

yay for voting! We will bring whatever we are lacking.