Friday, November 14, 2008

I'm here!

OK, I'm here...but I have to laugh at those of you who have been trying to get us to sign up on this blog, on the blog. Do you realize that it's kinda like talking to yourself? Anyway, I'm here and will encourage the rest of my family to join in. For any of you who need my email address, here it is: I now have a Gmail account as well, but I won't be checking it as often.

Anyway, about Thanksgiving, we had volunteered to bring the fruit salad and dressing, and will be glad to bring anything else. We will be showing up sometime on Wednesday, and leaving on Friday. We expect to be staying at a hotel, but we're wondering where everyone else was staying?

I'm not much of a blog contributor, I'm more of a blog voyeur, so if you don't hear from me much it isn't because I'm not listening. I'll try to contribute enough to let you know that I'm here. Thanks for putting this together Vanessa!


Vanessa Rogers said...

I was going to mention that during Thanksgiving, if it makes it easier, Kyle and I can stay at my mom's house to give an extra bed.

Keith Rogers said...

Well...let's find out what Doug's plans are, and perhaps we will change out mind. To be honest, even with as much as we love our family, the week of Mom's funeral was a little too much togetherness for us...there was no escape!