Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I'm here...and it took no great convincing, just a quick e-mail what said this existed.

I'm almost done with the institution known as school. Just 2 research papers and 3 finals...graduation invitations, moving out of my apt, and hiring my student worker replacement...tis a bit daunting written out like this. That's why i keep it all vague and unstructured as a general rule. Plans after graduation are equally vague, to minimize the stress, but sadly do not include the Peace Corps. Latest thoughts are: hang out in Poland and bum off my friend who is offering an empty room in his apartment...put that degree to good use.

Been kinda ill lately. I blame all the filthy people what think they live with me. Went home for some TLC long enough to get Douglas and sivarT sick but we all seem to be on the mend now...maybe, I haven't actually talked to them...i just assume.

Tis a short random post thing just to say "BAM!! im here! (Thus the title)" but alas must go to a silly shift leader meeting where we will talk about the proper way to clean holds and how to make people feel "more comfortable" as they dangle 50 feet in the air. thats what I do on a daily basis: clean holds and dangle people.

Can't wait to see the lot of you...bai!

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mrphd said...

I would think that people who are dangling (being dangled? is this 'dangling' a transitive or intransitive verb?? I suppose it's all in context. Does one dangle oneself, on purpose? Does one dangle another, can one dangle another with the danglee's/dangler's full and informed consent? Is dangling another with their consent evidence that the dangled is a voluntary participant - and does that make them a dangling participle?? ) 40 feet in the air are not supposed to 'feel comfortable.' To feel comfortable in such a situation would be directly contradictory to the point of the exercise.

While dangling (being dangled), one should BE safe but FEEL distinctly UN-comfortable, or else why participate in dangling at all? One could do pilates mere millimeters from the floor if one wanted the feeling of safety from one's exercise.

Dangling is designed for increasing one's DIS-comfort, just as merry-go-rounds are designed to induce nausea and dizziness and monkey bars are constructed as racks for stretching.

I should think this would be obvious.