Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Alright everyone the eldest cousin has jumped on the blogging bandwagon. I will see what I can do about getting my macho, "face-to-face" hubby on here as well. So, before I update everyone on the Fink Family I've read through the previous postings and have some comments...

Thanksgiving: I of course will provide the fabulous (and mandatory) apple pie and green bean casserole, because unlike my father, plain green beans are an every day occurance and I like the crunchy onions dang-it. We are obviously in town and can be over at any time. Asher will be working but may be able to swing in for a bite if work allows. In the event that my aunt and uncle from Houston on my mother's side do not come in for the holiday we will probably be bringing Nanny along with us.

Halloween: Vanessa asked for costume pictures...I will attempt to add some to the end of this post. Asher did not dress up, no big surprise there. I had a greek goddess gown that, now that I see the pictures, made me look much more pregnant than I actually am! Caleb wore black BDU's, a tactical vest and a swat hat and carried around his new M4 airsoft rifle he got for his birthday. If the picture actually posts the strange woman in the devil horns is the mother of one of our best friends.

Ok, Fink family updates... The one thing that consumes nearly every conversation and thought is of course the pregnancy. Well, we will hit 22 weeks this coming Friday. For those of you that don't know the average pregnancy is 40 weeks long so we are over the hump and on the downhill slide! I have been fairly sick with this one. Not as severly as I was with Caleb but for a much longer amount of time. The good news is I think I'm going on about 2 weeks without throwing up which is a wonderful thing! We had our 20 week ultrasound on Nov. 3rd. I wrote about it on my myspace blog so I'm just going to copy and paste here if you don't mind!

----On Monday we had another doctors appt and 20 week ultrasound to check growth, etc. First they weighed me and I gained 2 lbs. That makes 5 total but in reality I'm still at -6 since I lost 11 lbs in the first trimester. I have to say this ultrasound wasn't as thrilling as Caleb's. I feel like I didn't get to see as much and we never got a glimpse of the face or profile. The doc did his measurements and the baby is measuring a week ahead which is totally normal since we all knew Asher and myself do not make small babies! Well, even though we had said we didn't want to find out the sex the temptation was too strong and we asked to know. Well wouldn't you know that the little goober wouldn't show! He or She is definitely a Fink in that they wanted to be difficult and show us who is boss (for now). LOL. The doctor thought he saw something that could have been a penis but since the kiddo squirmed so much we didn't get a clear view. And having a clear view of one before (Caleb was spread eagle) I am not convinced in the least that that is what we saw. I'm not giving up that there is the remote possibility that there is a girl in there still! However, we did kick up the boy name discussion again since we have about 4 girl names already. I do want to be prepared and not struggling at the end with a poor nameless baby boy. During the appt there was only one tiny cause for concern. My placenta is lying a little low. It's not over my cervix which is great news. And it is very likely that with the continued stretching of my uterus that the placenta will move upward with it. The good news is that since they have to keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn't become a complete previa I get another ultrasound in 8 weeks to check which means another chance to see our little wiggle worm. And that is exciting!-----

I'm afraid there isn't much else going on in our little world right now. Asher is working as much as possible. Caleb is dealing with the trials and tribulations of adolesence. And I'm going nuts trying to name this kid! We have 4 girl names that we are considering... Vivienne, Savannah, Lyla, and Presley. Boys we are having more trouble with. Our extensive list includes Beau and Tanner...WE NEED HELP! If anyone has boy name suggestions please let us know!


Vanessa Rogers said...

hmmm... I will have to think of some boy names, I also love girl names so I always think of those first. And I have to say Asher has the scariest costume of everyone :)

Kyle said...

Great post cuz! I heard a few names recently I really liked. Mind you they, like me, are a little on the different side.
that's all I can remember!