Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Super easy delicious salmon!

I just wanted to share a "recipe" that we recently tried. It's not even really a recipe per say. We were watching a fishing show and it was followed by a "cooking" show. If that's what you call "Cooking with Smokee Joe." Anyway, Joe was going to grill some salmon. He took equal parts of maple syrup and lite soy sauce, mixed them together in a bowl, dunked the salmon fillets in the mixture and placed them on the hot grill. Cooked 5 minutes on each side. It seemed SO simple and I had been craving salmon anyway that we decided to try it that night. Now, my husband and son are NOT very big fish fans, but they couldn't get enough! It was so delicious! And we bought the "cheapest" fresh salmon at HEB. We also brushed some of the maple/soy mixture on some fresh asparagus and that was very good as well. I encourage everyone who even likes fish a little to give it a try!


Vanessa Rogers said...

mmmm... sounds great! Thanx

Russell said...

Oh my God!! You've become so domesticated you're starting to share recipes! If you start sewing your own clothes I'm going to think you're a Pod person.