Friday, November 21, 2008

As I write this, I'm preparing to go tutor my high school senior for two hours. We meet five days a week to work on her reading and vocabulary skills. She's preparing to take her SAT, but came in and tested on a pre-k level for reading. She was reassessed this week and she is now on a 7th grade level. I'm so proud of her! I love working with her because she's got a great attitude and works hard. This is one of my "mini" jobs I have for now.

My other three month gig now is to be the pianist for the high school senior musical. We started at the beginning of the month and we'll perform at the end of January-early Feb. They're doing "Bye Bye Birdie". Fun musical. I just didn't think about the fact that I would have to learn 145 pages of music. So I"m carving out at least an hour a day, most days to practice. This music is different that other music I've played before, so it's new a challenging in many ways.

I'm enjoying working with a different age group too. I've never worked with high school kids before. It's a nice change from kindergarten.

Probably the biggest disadvantage is rehearsals are from 5:00-8:00 in the evening. I get to see the kids home and started on homework, then I'm out the door. It's a very different schedule for our family.

David is glad football is over. He had a good season as a player. He's in choir this year and was chosen to be in the district honor choir. Unfortunately, they rehearsed and performed the same week as homecoming. But I got to see him dressed up alot that weekend. The boy cleans up real good!

Elizabeth gets creative assignments for bonus points in some of her classes. The latest was in science. They have been studying cells. Anyone who made an edible cell, with the parts labeled would get extra points. On her own, she created a loveley and colorful cell cake. Dee Dee would have been proud.

Looking forward to Thanksgiving!


DWR said...

Jessica, Austin, and Travis all had to make edible cells in AP biology. Tell Elizabeth to remember her recipe!

Vanessa Rogers said...

I did too! That must be a common practice. I ended up having to make two things and the other ameba or worm-like micro thingy I ended up using the sole of one of my dad's old sandals as the base. I thought it was very creative, and I think my mom still has it :)