Thursday, October 6, 2011

Trace and Jessica's blog

I've listed Jessica and Trace's blog on the column to the right just in case anyone forgets the link, you can always find it at the Rogers blog!

Just an update

(I was inspired to post in our far too little used blog after getting a link to Jessica and Trace's blog.)

Just a quick baby update in case anyone was wondering... All is well and on schedule for the newest member of the Fink Family. Baby is due December 17th and still a (planned) mystery. Everything looked great at the "big" ultrasound, and the little one wouldn't have indulged in showing his/her goods even if we had wanted to see. It's very exciting not knowing who we will meet in the delivery room. I'm not in the least tempted to ask for another scan to see if we can catch a peek. After the last gender fiasco it's actually been easier to not want to "find out."
I've definitely been more uncomfortable with this one so either it's the girl I've always wanted or I'm just getting too old for this!

In the meantime, Mr. Cody is in the throws of the terrible twos. A phase I hope starts to ease up before #3 arrives...but I'm not holding my breath. Other than being on the verge of causing parental insanity, Cody is thriving and growing like a weed (or a Fink as it were).

Caleb is doing well in 8th grade at his new school, though it's still an adjustment. He was placed in the pre-AP English/Language Arts class, and made the top band. He's excelling in his speech and GT classes and really enjoys them.

Asher and Chrissi....Well, we continue to work the days away and just try to grow happy, healthy kids. Really, what else is there? =)