Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Kyle has renamed Jake to either Jacob or Jaque because he is a cat and needs a sophisticated name. Just so everyone knows, Jake has been transformed from a feral rodent, ghost like creature to a very lovable feline. I love him! He is still jumpy but he loves to hang out with us all day long, is very affectionate and currently he is trying to help with the typing of this message. In fact he has pressed so many keys on my keyboard, he has changed something about the way some of my arrow keys work and not for the better so if any of you computer nerds... I mean geeks... I mean geniuses can help with that, I would be eternally grateful. All of this to say that Jaque is a changed cat, and although there is a possiblity that no one will witness it since he doesn't like crowds nor the small white guard dogs that have taken over the house, I thought you all should know.

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Keith Rogers said...

Actually, Vanessa, Jake has always been a loving cat for Mom, that's why she loved him so much. He's just always been afraid of crowds...and quite frankly wouldn't you, if you were a cat and 15 people invaded your space? I'm glad you've discovered his true nature, he doesn't deserve a bad rap.