Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Where is everyone staying??
Mark and I will be in Sun. evening and are staying at the house with Kyle and Vanessa through Thursday - leaving for N. Padre Friday.
Keith and family are staying at a hotel.
Tim and family are staying with Russell.
Doug - house?


Chrissi said...

I was just about to offer up our spare room when I remembered that our guest bath is practically unusable right now. We had a slight plumbing problem with the tub/shower and currently have a huge hole in the wall and no water coming in...SO... that is out. Sorry we couldn't help!

Vanessa Rogers said...

I think Kyle and I will stay with my mom Tuesday night- Thursday night. That will provide an extra bed.

DWR said...

When Keith contacted me, he thought that the house would be open for me and my crew. We will arrive Wednesday and are planning on staying (at the house?) through Sunday, when Jessica departs for EP. Keith's reservations are the ones I made at LaQuinta.

Keith Rogers said...

Sorry, I created some confusion from a past conversation. Doug, we will make our own reservations, and you can decide to do whatever you want. Sorry about that.