Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Scrooge's living in Waco

I just heard from one of Santa's Elves that two Scrooges are alive and living in Waco!! There is a possibility that the Rogers' Christmas might occur without a tree. Why would that be? What could be more important than putting up a tree at Christmas?? Where is the Spirit of Christmas? Is an intervention needed? Intervention may include an intravenous push of the milk of human kindness. Said Scrooges might want to check with their nurse sister about what that may intale. Fair warning: Their Aunt Kay has taken down much bigger and stronger Uncles and will not hesitate to throw cold liquid and or body tatoo IF THERE IS NO TREE WHEN SHE GETS TO WACO DECEMBER 20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Vanessa Rogers said...

I might not be there, but I agree, a Christmas tree is mandatory.

Blaine said...

I think our makeshift Charlie Brown style tree worked very well. It was made with true, sarcastic, Christmas spirit. :D