Friday, December 26, 2008


So we had another ultrasound on Christmas eve and are pleased to inform you all that the Rogers/Fink clan will be adding another GIRL to the family!!! FINALLY! I am so incredibly thrilled, Caleb is coming around, and Asher is budgeting for more firearms. Needless to say it was an amazing Christmas gift. Oh, and to say that my dad is just a little bit excited is an understatement!
Also, we want to give everyone a heads up that my cousin Dani, is planning the baby shower/party for February 22nd. It will be coed and minus all the corny baby games. Hope some of you will be able to make it.


kay said...

A baby girl due on my birthday - good job Chrissi!! I'm very excited and will start your baby blanket soon. Colors???
Aunt Kay

Chrissi said...

Thanks! =0)
We aren't doing a nursery or anything just yet but my favorite colors are purple and green or pink and brown. Really anything a little more rich than pastel.

Keith Rogers said...

That's fantastic, Chrissi! We are so excited for you and Asher! And yes, Caleb will come around and will probably be a very dotting big brother!

Vanessa Rogers said...

Yay, I love girls!!! Congrats!! So exciting!