Monday, December 1, 2008

Family Tradition

***I'm posting this at the request of my husband who prefers to read and not learn how to "do" another internet thing. =) Y'all take a deep breath...punctuation is not in Asher's vocabulary! (Love you honey!) ~~Chrissi~~***

ok so the weekend after turkey day I actually have a weekend off and I decide that I am going to go to my dads up in niederwald to do the family thing he fixes ham salad (a family staple on any holiday since time began) and we go deer hunting (another staple since about 1994) I got off of work at 0700 on fri am and went home packed up dramk 3/4 pot of coffee (had a busy night) i drove the family up to my dads house we arrived in time to see my niece and my how she has grown and my stepsisters husband (he is a jackass) after helping to fix the window that JACKASS punched the night before (dont ask me about the jerry springer shit) dad me caleb and brady went down to walmart to get hunting liscence and ammo and dog food at the walmart (black friday in a small town is more grey in color) so we are all now legal to hunt and have read the laws that apply in the county that we are hunting so we go to sight in the rifle that I will be using on this trip it is my stepmoms rifle from when she was a kid more collectors edition than hunters and has not been sighted in in probably at least ten years (it is a great rifle and I wish I had one like it) so we are on the last two shots (just to make sure we are in the money) and the damn cold front blows through now remember prior to the front it was damn near 80 and we are walkin 100 yards one way after 3 shots and have just started to break a sweat and the temp drops about 20 degrees (it was chilly) ok so now that the rifle is shootin true we go to my step brothers house and set up in a blind at a really good spot (it was to be the best spot of the weekend) and 1 hour into it we see one doe and fawn upon setting the shot on the fawn a truck (driven by my dad) drove in to the pasture and scared both over the property line oh well time to sit and wait an hour has passed and we are gettin ready to leave dad is drivin up the fencline towards us and a doe followed by a buck come out of the tree line only to turn directly away from me right when I have a shot Damn it so we go up to the house light a fire drink some bourbon and go home (I had to drive dad was D R U N K) next am we are all up and ready to go by 0530 we all go out and not one of us sees a damn thing but we do spread some corn we go to dads have a ham salad lunch and watch Hancock on dvd (great movie) the women come back from shopping and take a picture of three generations of Finks sleepin on the couch we all get up have more ham salad (it really is good) and I push the limits of my already patient pregnant wife and go hunting again (we were supposed to be back at home at 5ish) I had decided to try my luck one more time (before telling my wife) we go hunting again sat eve we are pulling up to the blind and see a great doe standing there eatin the corn we spread sat am right as I chamber a round she runs off ok ok no worries I still have untill dark so we get into the blind and sit and sit and sit and sit and sit and sit and watch the tree line and pasture while we are sitting and do not see any thing untill about 10 min till absolute no shooting light and we see the doe and fawn from fri eve I scoped the doe and she was a clean shot i scoped the fawn and she was eatin the corn so no worries about fawn survival I get the scope on the doe (after many go and stops (she looked right at me every time I moved)) get the breathing and pulse under control align the cross hairs on the kill zone tell Caleb to plug his ears and squeeze off a round I see text book hunting show results only to see her run off into the THICK tree line after answering the cell phone (tech is great) all of us look for the blod trail only to be disappointed and not find it after about 45 to and hour of searching and the final realization that I would not find the blood trail that night I resigned my search (much to my disapointment) and to my house I drove my family I am upset because I made a shot that killed an animal and could not claim said animals meat said animal still had a young one in tow (the fawn was eating solids and will probably never eat corn from today on) I hope this explains my mood if you want more info go ahead and call me there are more details that I cannot print here

this weekend was not a total bust however this weekend was the first time in probably 50 years that three geneerations of Finks have been on a hunt this holds special meaning to me as I did not know my grandpa Virgil and even though I did not know him I felt as though he was watching (and approving) I grew closer to my dad than we have been in years (even though we did not speak much) and most of all I grew closer to my son !!!!!!!!
and that is all I have to say about that!

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Vanessa Rogers said...

I love that there was actually no punctuation. But I am proud of you for posting Asher! Great post!