Thursday, December 4, 2008

About Christmas

When we made the list for Christmas, Kyle and Vannesa were left off because they where going to be in Korea. Not wanting to leave them out we talked about sending them a care package. Now that Vannesa will be in Korea and Kyle will be joining her soon, I submit that we carry through on our idea. Instead of shipping it, we let Kyle take it with him! I'm open for ideas of what we should try to include knowing that he will have to carry it on a plane. Any suggestions? What do you guys think? This would be something that we all tried to contribute to.

With that in mind, and now that Mom is gone, I would suggest adjusting the list to where Austin gives to Tim, and Kyle gives to the new baby. Thoughts? Has an adjustment already been made that I don't know about?

OK, well, I'm looking forward to Christmas as well, I sure hope you all like eating off your lap, sorry about the tables, I think they got raptured!

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kay said...

What's the deal with the tables??? Several comments have been made.