Monday, September 21, 2009

Mom's Birthday Favorites

I've been thinking about mom a lot the last few days and I've realized that it has been a very long time since I was actually with her on her birthday. It may have been my senior year in high school. So I'm stuggling to remember what some of her favorite practices were on that day. What can any of you tell me? What did she like to do? Where did she like to eat? Did she have a favorite dessert she liked to eat on that day? (Having just typed the word dessert reminds me of how I remember how to spell it. It was mom who told me that desert had one s and dessert had two s's because you always wanted a second!)

I think about you guys a lot more than I ever tell you! My bad!



kay said...

Happy to see you are home safely. How was your trip?
I sincerely hope "you guys" includes us girls!! :))
DeeDee told me one time that she loves liver and onions but seldom fixed them at home because of the smell. Since she was the only one who would touch them she treated herself to them when she celebrated her birthday sometimes. For dessert she felt decadent when she allowed herself to have a banana split!

DWR said...

My memory of celebrating mom's birthday was an annual pilgrimage to Red Lobster. Mom enjoyed seafood more than the rest of us, so she seldom requested that we eat there (of course the only seafood we ate at home were fish sticks--at least an entire cookie sheet full).

So on mom's birthday, with dad's threat of bodily harm hanging over our heads if we complained about it, we made our periodic visit. On occasion we went to Zuider Zee (a seafood restaurant on San Pedro) that had great hushpuppies. I remember the cheese biscuits from Red Lobster.

On a couple of occasions, when I had the opportunity to celebrate individually with mom, it was always back to Red Lobster.

So I've decided that on Thursday, I'm going to Red Lobster for dinner (I probably won't eat fish--still not high on my list). I'm going to sit and remember. It would be fun for me to think that many of you were doing the same thing. A four-city celebration?!

Love you guys--and gals!

Chrissi said...

It makes me sad to know that Grandma loved Red Lobster and I never knew it. That is one of my favorite places to eat and I wish I would've gotten to share that with her. On the other hand it makes me happy to know we had that in common, even if we never got to share it.

Keith Rogers said...

Seeing as how I can't stand liver and onions, I think I'll opt for Red Lobster! See you there, Doug! Sorta

And yes, Kay, "you guys" very much means you girls too! I get in trouble all the time about that! I've got to quit saying "you guys!"

Love "Ya'll"

Tim said...

It's funny how each of us has such special individual memories of Mom. I don't remember Red Lobster, but she and I always ate at Sea Island over the last 10 years everytime I came to town. Usually during lunch because she didn't want to make Russell eat fish. I have to admit today has been rough. I miss her every day.

DWR said...

Austin and I went to Red Lobster on Thursday; I actually ate fish!

I was grateful that Austin wanted to go after I told him why I was doing it. We had a good conversation.

I hope you enjoyed your celebration!
Love ya!