Friday, May 22, 2009

Mission Trip in Costa Rica

The School of Education will be taking a group of students on a mission trip to Costa Rica during spring break 2010 (yes, that's next spring). This past week, I and 2 other faculty members went to meet with churches and schools in the San Jose area to plan activities and make arrangements for next spring. Of course we had to try some of the local area attractions to make sure they would be safe for our students.

P.S. Russ, I think the story idea is great; I'll work on my contributions soon.


Tim said...

That zip line thing looks cool. I couldn't find you in the boat.

kay said...

Wow, you saw a whole 'nother side of Costa Rica than I did. Your trip was much more fun than mine!! Need someone to carry your bags? I still have a passport.

Vanessa Rogers said...

super cool!

DWR said...

The zip line was the last of 9 lines through the top of the rain forest (way cool)! I'm one of the two old guys in the front of the raft--the one with the gold (okay yellow) BU shirt.

It's a pay your own way mission trip. I'm sure we could work it out for an alum to go along. (No, I'm not ignoring you, but since the email process isn't working, I don't know when things get added and I haven't stopped to read all of the comments.