Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Well looks like i am going to be helping clean out grandma dee dee's house. If I had known about this earlyer I would have gladlee voluntered. But my mom says I have to get money somehow to replace my phone (screen cracked :( ). I feel weird doing it for money but I am geting paid anyway.

( btw i just read the full blog congrats blaine , hopfuly I get some of my family's musicle skill next year )


Keith Rogers said...

Hey Caleb,
Are you coming over to Dee Dee's house this weekend? It'll be great to have you there! By the way, if you're getting paid, the cokes are on you!

Hope to see you later!
Uncle Keith or I guess I should say Great Uncle Keith. (Great refering to both age and character!

Keith Rogers said...
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