Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jake's New Home

Well, Jake and I are starting to get our rhythm living together. It's been awhile since I had a roommate so it's taken some getting used to. I picked him up last Wednesday in what can only by described as an emotional whirlwind for both of us. My first attempt at getting him into the carrier was traumatic to say the least, not to mention unsuccessful. After we both calmed down abit I tried again and managed to get him in without getting clawed. He was NOT a happy camper. For a cat with such a pathetic meow he sure put up a holler while riding in the carrier. After a couple of accidents, he said they were accidents, that first night Jake has taken to the litter box without a problem. I still tread very carefully first thing in the morning.

So far I don't think I'll need to teach him to fly. When he gets in my bed he stays at the foot and doesn't bother me. He's also extremely curious. He hates closed doors. He's tried opening all the lower cabinets in the kitchen, my bedroom closet, and the spare bedroom which he has decided is his. He was a little clingy and very skittish the first couple of days but he's adjusting. I just can't get him to spend any time outside. He'll got out, roll in the dirt, and come back in. Maybe when he's more comfortable he'll spend more time out. Anyway, we're both doing fine.


kay said...

I'm glad you have a roommate - perhaps this is the first step to getting a human roommate?? Mark would like to hear a translation of what Jake was saying in the car.

Vanessa Rogers said...

Oh!! I miss Jakey-poo! I really did love that cat. I think you will find when he does get comfortable, that he is a very good pet, but I do suggest the litter box since he was not very good with the "outdoor training" Tell him I say hello and that I miss him.