Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year Everyone!

I hope that everyone's New Year has started on the right foot. A group of teachers went to a casino, which was only for foreigners. I am not sure what the exact law is here, but it is illegal for South Koreans to gamble but it is ok for foreigners. So in order to get in, we had to show our alien registration ID's which I had just received a couple days prior. It was a pretty odd New Years as they don't really seem inclined to celebrate it like we do. 10 seconds before the New Year, they put up a video of downtown Seoul with a count down. We, the teachers, screeched out the count down as the other foreigners, mostly Asians, stared at us as if were crazy. When the time changed, we jumped around kissing each other and wishing each other a happy new year, while the gamblers resumed their card games or slot machines. It was my first time at gambling, and as I am not very good, and didn't want to give the casino beaucoups of money, I only spent $10 at $1 roulette table, after just learning the rules, and didn't have much luck.

The next day we had class again at the usual time. So obviously we were all bright and bushy-taled! Ha, rather we were walking zombies! So, at this point, I think I have caught up on my sleep and this weekend is our ski trip. Almost all 20 of the teachers are going. I have never skiied in my life so it should be a very interesting trip. I am sad Kyle isn't with me to go skiing for the first time together, but we will have to make it up when he gets here by going on another trip!

This week, instead of 6th graders we have 3rd and 4th graders. And I have decided that I love that age. They are so sweet and always up for playing games. It also helps that my homeroom class LOVES me and they always come and hold my hand. They can't speak hardly any English, these adorable little ones, but they are so cute and cuddily, I just want to take them home with me.

So there is my little update. Can't wait to hear more from ya'll!

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