Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Remembering Christmas 2009

It was wonderful seeing and spending time with everyone this Christmas. I think everyone will agree that the video scavenger hunt was a fabulous success! I am posting a few of our favorite video moments and a link for the photos taken this past Christmas. Especially because Kyle and I are out of the country, we often feel separated or out of the loop, and updates on your lives really bring us a joy that is indescribable with words. We want to be part of your lives and it is hard when we are so far away. We hope to hear more of what is going on with you and yours this 2010! Blaine, that means you! (tell everyone the funny nerf gun story!!)

ok, so I don't know what the Korean message is saying to me, but for some reason it won't post the second video. I will try it in a separate post.


kay said...

Thanks Vanessa, this is fabulous!
I have told more people about the wonderful Rogers' after Christmas, Christmas. Thanks for posting and for keeping in touch.

I learned a new game I think we should all play our next Rogers' get together. It's called "Keno", a lot like Bingo just played with cards. Everyone brings a gift in a brown paper bag, chooses one when they win a game, play until all the gifts are gone, take a break to eat..., play more but this time when you win you get to "steal" a bag IF you can remember who has what you want and exactly what it is. It was different and fun.
What's everyone up to???

Chrissi said...

The pictures were great Vanessa! Thanks so much for the link.