Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Plans 2009

Hey everyone! Not sure how many of you still look at this from time to time, but it was still the best way to get this message out to all of you at once. I'll send an email out as well just to make sure. Anyway, here's the plan:

Arrive any time you can December 31, at 1627 Seagate, Houston, TX. 77062.

Tradition dictates that we eat tamales and chili that night. (around 6:00) We'll make the chili and buy the tamales, you bring something to go with it. Just let me know what you intend to bring. (By the way, tender tummies at this house require a milder brand of chili, so if you have a more adventurous appetite, you are welcome to bring a hotter brand of chili with you.)

Gift exchange. The list below will show who gives to who. For the adults, who include anyone out of high school, we originally agreed to exchange ornaments in some kind of white elephant style gift exchange. However, over Thanksgiving, we agreed that we all had more ornaments than we needed already and decided to exchange "real" gifts in a white elephant format. So, to make sure you understand the intent. We are not looking for "white elephant" gifts like a used toilet brush, instead it will be nice gifts but given in a "white elephant" style. We agreed on a $35 limit. So instead of zeroing in on one person, you will need to think broadly, or generically. (Yes, in hind site, I think this is even more difficult, but hey, lets give it a shot and see how it works. It could be fun.) For couples you can either buy for one or two other adults, and then play accordingly. Hope all this makes since.

Kay/Mark to David
Tim to Elizabeth
Russell to Blaine
Chrissi/Asher & Kyle/Vanessa to Dalton (the intent is for thetwo of you couples to share the gift to Dalton, not give two seperate gifts, unless they are two smaller gifts. Ya'll just talk it out together and let me know if you have any questions. )
Keith/Crystal to Caleb
Doug to Cody

Fireworks: Tim's neighborhood allows firworks, and honestly it's a lot of fun out there. It's kind of like a war zone with with all the noise, but without the blood. Anyway, he has invited anyone interested to go out to his house late that night to shoot fireworks. So bring some money and we'll have a lot of fun shooting fireworks. If you prefer a quieter form of fireworks, you can stay with Crystal at our house and watch them on TV.

Friday: It sure would be fun if everyone stayed around for a second day. Both Tim and I have some limited bedspace, but lots of floor space, and would love to have anyone who wants to stay with us. Otherwise, I would recommend the Best Western at 889 W. BayArea Boulevard, Webster, Texas, 77598-4003, phone: 281/338-6000. Rates start at $62.99. Russell stayed here last time and liked it.

On Friday, we could do any number of things, some cheap to free, others not so cheap. On the cheap to free, we think it would be fun to begin the first ever "Rogers Video Scavenger Hunt!" We think it would be fun to send out teams to do some crazy stuff on video for all of us to watch when we got back. If not that, maybe could all go watch a movie, or do some other Houston thing. Basically the object would be to have some fun together without just waiting for someone to fix the next meal.

Then eveyone could leave some time Saturday. So what do ya'll think? Just let me know, call if you need at 281-286-0669

Looking forward to seeing all of you!


Vanessa Rogers said...

We'd like to reserve floor space at someone's casa... also, if things work out, we may actually be leaving for S. Korea from Houston on the 1st.

Keith Rogers said...

Great, we'll see who needs what and let you know where you'll be staying. Also, fantastic news about Korea, I hope it works out! We'll give you a big send off!

Chrissi said...

We are hoping to book someones floor as well. Asher and I both have that entire week off and were considering coming up around Tuesday or Wednesday if that's alright with whoever will let us stay. Also, since things are so crazy busy here this month my dad, Asher, and I decided to have a late birthday celebration for us in Houston Wednesday night at Texas Roadhouse and would like to include the whole family. Hope everyone can make it!

Keith Rogers said...

I'm sure Tim, Crystal and I can work it out for anyone to stay at one of our houses whenever they need. I'm glad you're coming early and we'll be glad to join you at the Roadhouse.