Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Jake and I had a disagreement the other night. He wanted to be fed at 1am and I wanted to strangle him. So, in his frustration to get me to understand that he was STARVING, he pooped on the floor and buried it under some dirty clothes. I discovered it when I picked up those clothes to put them in the wash. We weren't on speaking terms for a few days. Last night Jake brought me a peace offering.
A mouse.
A live mouse.
In my bed.
Of course I handled the situation with utmost dignity. I quietly explained to Jake, while we chased the mouse throughout the house, that while I appreciated the gesture a mouse was not a suitable gift. He on the other hand, was delighted that we could share in this raucus adventure together. At times we seemed at odds with our purpose of removing the mouse from our abode. It appeared that Jake didn't want the mouse to leave. I'm sure that was just my imagination though. Eventually, we cajoled our visitor to leave via the back door and Jake and I congratulated ourselves on our mouse herding technique. Jake chose to make sure our guest got home safely while I calmly changed my shorts.

P.S. Any reports of a man screaming like a little girl are completely without merit.


Asher said...

I guess I should have given you some ammo for Calebs shotgun. That way after the screaming you could have brought your testosterone back up to a manly level??

Vanessa Rogers said...

Oh Jake and his pooping and hiding it. I remember those days well.

kay said...

I'm picturing DeeDee & PopPop laughing so hard they are crying over the whole episode. Only wish we had pictures and sound!!