Saturday, March 7, 2009

Cody Jonathan

Just wanted to let everyone know that "whatshisname" does indeed have a name. We are still in slight shock that our little princess turned out to be a prince but needless to say we are completely in love with him. We are at home recovering and adjusting well. I have to go to a computer away from the house to upload our pictures since our computer and laptop are on the fritz so as soon as I can I will post pictures. Can't wait to introduce our little man to the family!


Blaine said...

Congratulations! Lookin' forward to meeting the new member of the clan! :D

kay said...

I love the name Cody. All the Cody's I taught in school were smart and full of personality. Can't wait to see pictures and hopefully hold him soon!!!!!!!!!!!

jessica said...

awww...i'm excited to meet the Code-meister!!

boy cousins...i don't know how we will ever figure out how to handle that...hopefully, we can manage ;)

Vanessa Rogers said...

Another boy!! What a surprise that must have been! I can't wait to meet him.

Keith Rogers said...

Congrats Chrissi and Asher! I too like the name Cody! Get some sleep when you can, and enjoy every minute, well...there are a few you don't have to enjoy!