Friday, February 20, 2009

GREASE is the Word!

Just thought I would show a few pictures from our production of GREASE. It was a great two weeks. We made a profit of nearly $20,000. Over 3500 people came to see the show. Thanks to Russell, Keith, Crystal, David, Elizabeth and Blaine and Dalton for coming to see the show. We haven't chosen the show for next year, but finalists include Footloose, Music Man and a wild hair thought Peter Pan. (Yes we are talking about rigging for flight. How cool would that be!) I really enjoy performing, but producing is a total gas. Thanks Russ for talking me out of murdering the entire creative team a week before the show opened. It's nice to have a safety valve when you have to blow.


Vanessa Rogers said...

super duper cool!

Russell said...

It was a great show Tim. Enjoyed it ALOT!

kay said...

Very impressive! So sorry we missed the weekend. Next year!!